Whistling Dick's Barber Shop Inc

Why is it that the modern world seems keen to flee the past as if it were some sinister villain, twisting his black mustache between his fingers? Somewhere along this road, it became politically offensive to be masculine. Our language and culture have become more genderless with every passing year, and gender bias is shunned like profanity among virgin ears. What have we become?

One of the last strongholds of the masculine culture is the barber shop. In the 30's, the barber shop was a place that was much more than where one could get a haircut or a shave. It was a social paradigm, a ritual, and an institution. A sanctuary where men could speak freely about manly things. A fraternity of masters who carry on with a presence of strength and will. All for just two bits and an hour or so of their precious time. 

Whistling Dick's Barber Shop is an homage to the men who we once looked up to as kings of their time. A reimagining of a once great temple of masculine grit. Upon opening the door at 760 Dundas Street East, you are welcomed by smells of woods, cigars, and a hint of Barbicide. The walls are littered with objects of rustic flair and paraphernalia belonging to an era long since past. You will hear the dulcet tones of 1930's chart toppers. Just as the vibe washes over, you hear a voice say, "Good afternoon. What can we do for you, sir?". It is then that you realize that you haven't stepped into just a barbershop, but a time machine. We at Whistling Dick’s know that there are plenty of places to hide in London, but there are few places where you can truly escape.

This is your barber shop. You're welcome.